Flowers · Summer


Dahlias come in a variety of colors and sizes. I prefer the small to mid sized ones as they are easy to grow in containers. The large and giant bloom varieties are best suitable to be planted in the ground at greater depths.


Dahlias are easy to start from bulbs although I usually get the plant from the nursery that is already set to bloom. I really need to try the bulbs though as it’s more cost effective.


I love the purple varieties of this summer-blooming plant. The dark purple leaves just add so much depth to the display. They can be combined with some lighter green foliage like sweet potato plant or even some coleus varieties to get a fabulous burst of color in the garden. Here I have some spider plant like foliage or Japanese variegated grass in the background. And needless to say, planting them in masses is the best.


For small spaces, combining a few dahlia plants of the same color with a couple of green foliage plants would do great. Or go crazy with an assorted mix of colors whichever you enjoy the most!

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