Roses are such a classic in any garden and I couldn’t think of a better first blog. They are easy to start but need fertilizing regularly to achieve those pretty blooms.


I grow my roses in containers as well as in the ground. If you are a beginner, the mini rose bush is a wonderful choice. Mini roses bushes are so cute that it’s really hard to say no to.

Another variety of roses that am really looking forward to trying is the climbing roses. They are such magnificent blooms that can sprawl across any garden structure and create a beautiful display.


If your budget is a little wide and would like to create a rose garden, you can try the Rainbow Rose Collection which gives the assortment of colors that one would most certainly cherish.

I plant the roses at a far end of the garden somewhere behind the seating area so that you don’t brush against the thorns accidentally especially kids but you still get to experience their fragrance.


Nothing smells more pretty than a fresh cut of roses. They are an easy way to bring in a little bit of romance in the evening after a busy day at work. So get rosy without hesitation!




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