Lavender – the healing herb

There are many varieties of this soothing herb. So try to get the one that you find in your local nursery as each variety has its own hardiness. It is a low maintenance, drought tolerant plant and so one of the must haves low water plant in the garden! It requires a well-drained soil for the plant to thrive and loves heat. So make sure to place it in a sunny spot.


It is a plant that plays to our olfactory senses. Still, the scent comes when you rub its leaves with your fingers so I plant it in a place near your seating area in the patio or on a small pathway in the garden where you get a chance to rub or brush against the plant to enjoy the healing fragrance.


It can be grown in containers or in the ground as a bush. Deadhead the spent blooms before they completely dry leaving a few leaf nodes in the stalk and the woody stem part in the plant. This will encourage new blooms and a healthy plant.


The relaxing properties of lavender are very well known and the benefits and usages are versatile.

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