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Hibiscus for summer

This summer, my goal is to make full use of my hibiscus plant. I enjoy this shrub on the patio as I need to have easy access to the gorgeous flowers. And I simply cherish the island memories that this tropical flower brings to my mind. So I like to place it somewhere you can see and enjoy the flowers easily. And it’s a long lasting plant, so I went for the biggest plant that fits the budget and a big enough planter to give the plant enough room to grow.


There are many varieties of hibiscus in different colors and sizes.  The one with the single red flowers is the most beneficial as you can use simply blend the flowers to make a conditioning hair mask or simmer them to extract a cooling tea.

The bright red hue that is characteristic of this flower is not just a spectacular display in the garden but also rich in iron and antioxidants. Thus, it’s very effective for hair growth and raising the hemoglobin level.


The hibiscus tea is simply packed with nutrients and a wonderful body coolant for the hot summer temperatures. So try to get a generous gulp of this wonderful tea during the summer months to stay cool! The simplest way to give this tea a try is to enjoy the Very Berry Hibiscus beverage from Starbucks.






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