Flowers · Houseplants · Summer


Geraniums are by far one of the easiest low-maintenance flowering plants that sure can be added to the driveway or some place where there’s a lot of sunlight. They absolutely require bright light for blooming. Even when there aren’t blooms, the foliage adds a good texture to the garden. The colorful combination of hot pink flowers and dark green foliage is so striking and sure gets noticed!


I have them in a container in west facing patio which gets quite a good amount of hot afternoon sun as this is a good heat tolerant plant. They are good drought-tolerant too so I went ahead with a good bright red Americana geranium bush in a place that doesn’t get much attention from me (as it’s farther away from the watering spout :(). Mine is about 1 to 2.5 feet tall but they can grow well up to 3 ft tall.


When it’s really hot as it gets here in peak summer, I do water them more frequently like every alternate day than I do in the fall or winter during which I water them like weekly thrice. They come back every year as I live in Zone 9. In colder places, they’ll need to be brought indoors during winter.

Another thing I like about geraniums is the subtle somewhat lemony scent that comes off rubbing the foliage. Not all varieties do carry it though but if you get one, it’s another boost that adds to the senses.

One of my friends asked me which flowering plants are easy to grow and I almost instantly said geraniums and also begonias, which I’ll be blogging about soon. So until then, if you’re planning to stop by a nursery, be sure to get your hands on these colorful easy-growing beauties!



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